Recommendation instead of application

In the last couple of years character references have been the drive for many new hires. In the search for a new job, databases become more and more complemented or even replaced by social networks. Bmd uses personal networks systematically for winning over new employees. Today character references are a genuine alternative to conventional job markets.

Nowadays friends, acquaintances and even colleagues recommend each other suitable jobs – after all, they are usually the first to hear when someone plans a career change. Current research shows that job-hints from the social environment, be it at the sports club or at a shared dinner with friends, have a 55 percent success rate. Intimate, personal contacts are therefore invaluable assets for staffing.

bmd offers a profitable incentive scheme especially for this kind of references.

With this new platform not only active candidates, but also interesting, passive applicants are to be reached for the first time.

This new and ground-breaking way of winning over new employees is considerably cheaper than everything else. While expenses are mostly dependant on success, they have an effect in the future. Each promoter, who does a friend, acquaintance or colleague a favour and is rewarded with a bonus in return, will want to do that again in the future.