Establishing the business unit ‚photovoltaics‘ (bmd Solar Systems)

Since 2009 bmd has concentrated on the distribution and assembly of solar- and photovoltaic power plants. Using the sun as a power supplier is unbeatable as solar power is clean, safe and inexhaustible. Photovoltaic modules by bmd Solar Systems transform solar power into electricity efficiently, reliably and inimitably economically. For the customer bmd is a one-stop shop – he gets everything from distribution to assembly from a single source. At bmd specially trained teams work solely for this purpose.

Our vision for the future:

  • Considerable reduction of emission values
  • All households are energy-self-sufficient

Bmd Solar Systems is trying hard to make sure that our offspring can live an untroubled life. Using photovoltaic power plants is a well-proven way to counteract the steady rise of electricity, oil and gas prices.